アヒル [先生の絵(花鳥・景色など)]


  新宿教室 電話 03-5338-6711

  越谷教室 電話 048-965-9511


(水墨画教室 授業風景)



How to draw ink paintings · Why do not you start full-fledged ink painting?

From the entrance to ink paintings to the flowers and landscapes of the four seasons, it is a classroom where you can learn happily. Recommended for beginners of ink painting and those who want to learn by hobby!
In case
· The first 30 minutes will learn about the differences between Japan and China in ink painting and the history of ink painting.
· For the first time, you will experience bleeding and shading of paper, how to use brush, how to draw out lines, texture of lines, paper for ink painting (pencil paper).
· I will draw bamboo etc of ink painting.

In case
■ Nishi-Shinjuku classroom
● Practice Day 1st and 3rd Saturday (twice a month)
● Time: 10: 30-12: 30 (2 hours)
● Place Nishi-Shinjuku Culture Plaza
◎ 4 minutes from the Terminal Marunouchi Line "Nishi Shinjuku Station"
● Membership fee: 4,968 yen (other teaching materials cost: 330 yen)
● Lecturer Lu Chouei (Instructor, The University of Tokyo Broadcasting Inkjet Painting)
● Phone 03-5338-6711 Details> Nishishinjuku Culture Plaza

■Koshigaya classroom
●Date: 2nd and 4th Saturday 13: 30 ~ 14: 30
●Access: Parking (3 hours free) Tobu Isesaki Line "Koshigaya" 5 minutes on foot
●Location: 1-16-6 Koshigaya, Koshigaya-city, Saitama Prefecture
ALCo Koshigaya shopping square underground floor
●Inquiries: TEL: 048-965-9511

◎ Small group guidance carefully! ◎ Tour / Experience OK!
● From beginners to advanced people, is a painting classroom that learns happily!
● I will keep guidance making full use of the individuality of each student.


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